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Surround View System

Surround view system is also a bird view or 360° view camera system. System gives complete near view of vehicle to driver Surround view helps for parking assistance.Surround view system is a four camera or six camera system.

Algorithm is developed as an independent solution and can be ported on different compatible hardware platformsAlgorithm has fish eye distortion correction and photometric alignment

    • Surround view system consists of Geometric alignment and Photometric alignment.
    • The video frames from image sensors are fish eye images and the colour and exposure are not same on different cameras.
    • Geometric alignment algorithm corrects the fish eye distortion.
    • Photometric alignment algorithm corrects and gives uniform image areas from different cameras
    • Calibration is done and LUT’s are used to get corrected stitched bird view in the system.

        Current Development : 

  • Cloud Orbit technologies has algorithms ported ready to be ported on TDA2x.
  • Surround view algorithms can be fine tuned to port on NVIDIA i.MX processors or any other hardware of customer choice based on compatibility.
  • The same solution can be used for front and rear view camera solution also.

        Surround View System – Development environment

  • Programming Language : C, C++
  • Environment : Linux
  • Hardware : TDA2x (Vision SDK) or any other platform